I am pleased to report the rental (Jan 21 - 28 2020) of my property. I'd like to personally thank Chris for his service and support regarding the rental of my property unit at Westgate Blue Tree Resort in Orlando, FL.
Thank you and Happy New Year!

"Steven Nolan"

Thanks so much!
I believe the owner that contacted me was some one you contacted for us. I believe I had a few from you but we did secure two rentals for 10 nights each. Thank you so much for your help in this matter. They were very easy to deal with.

Hello Chris: 
Our renter has accepted the 1 week rental at Taino Beach for $1,900. It is booked for her and confirmation sent. Deal is finalized. Just want to let you know. 
Thank You for your help, much appreciated. I note many e-mails coming through indicated it is being viewed. 
Thanks again to you & Kevin
"Sam Giles"

This email is sent with a deep sense of appreciation for the very professional and personal attentiveness of Mr. John Martin, for the above named company. I have never met or talked with a person who was so passionate and yet so compassionate in dealing with other. It is my hope that this email would get the attention of those persons in management whom he must answer to, whose conduct and performance is not only admirable but excellent in every conceivable way.
Pastor J. Riley

Just a note to tell you how much i appreciate your one price. My ad has gotten me rentals every year for 3 years now. Thank you for your help. ps your competitors keep calling to tell me how poorly you are doing for me and I tell them that you have done alright for me with rentals every year then they hang up! 
Joe Sabitino

I was assisted by Chris through Simply Rentals on the rent of my Mayan Resort property. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and not only listed my property on the website but had it listed on Ebay. Though the property did not meet the reserve price, Chris was instrumental in getting me in touch with the a renter. I was then able to complete the rent  of the property in a timely manner. I found Chris and the team to be upfront and committed to assist me in renting my property. I would quickly recommend anyone interested in renting their property to contact Chris. 
Lis Ristuccia

We are writing this letter to express our gratitude for the remarkable job that your service did in helping us rent our property quickly. We were astonished at the fact that it rented on the very first month that it was listed. We would recommend your service to anyone that wanted to rent their property. Your company representatives were very courteous and professional and willing to answer all of our questions. Once again, thank you so much. 

Gary and Angie Thomas



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